Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Illegal Alien Rapes and Impregnates Child

Pretty sick and twisted story coming out of North Carolina where an illegal alien in Wilmington raped and impregnated his child. In a sick twist, he also impregnated the mother on the same day, as well.

Sex Offender Updates has the story, including efforts by local authorities to hide the legal status of this pervert:

Unable to find an official source for citation, Sex Offender Updates reached out to officials in the district attorney's office that covers this region, the General Court of Justice 5th Prosecutorial District. 
It is my understanding that this district covers all of New Hanover County and more specifically the city of Wilmington, which is where these crimes occurred. 
After speaking to one gentleman (I did not catch his name) who confirmed that Lucero was an illegal alien, he transferred me to another person when I asked if he could simply send me an email restating his comments about Lucero's legal status. 
I was then transferred to Samantha Dooies, the Assistant to the District Attorney, Benjamin David. She also confirmed to me that Lucero was an illegal alien.